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    Navigating an insurance claim for your home is confusing. Insurance companies care about their own profits and they often deny and/or underpay claims. Hurricane Adjusters will get you the money you deserve under your policy.

    Published reports indicate that most homeowners’ claims are underpaid by 30% or more.  From what we are observing from our clients regarding damage to tile roofs following Hurricane Irma, this percentage is much higher.  The overwhelming majority of our clients have been paid for a few missing or cracked tiles when in reality their insurance company should have paid for an entire roof replacement.   

    Our job is to make sure that you are paid for a complete roof replacement.  After our FREE inspection, we will let you know if the insurance company did not pay you what you were owed.  And if they haven’t, we will represent you in getting everything that you are owed.  We are paid nothing upfront and are paid nothing unless we get you more money. 

    Finally, remember that much of the damage to your tile roof is not visible from the ground.  Unless you have had your roof inspected by someone who represents your interests, not the insurance company’s, there is no way of knowing the extent of your damage.  Hurricane Adjusters represents you.  Contact us today for your FREE evaluation. 

    I called my insurance company and reported damage to my roof from Irma. The insurance company sent an adjuster to my house who told me my damage didn’t meet my deductible. I hired Hurricane Adjusters and within 60 days the insurance company admitted they were wrong and paid me for a new tile roof.

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    Our Service

    The initial engagement with our client is the most important stage of the claims process. It allows us to begin to lay the foundation of trust and integrity which we believe is essential in establishing confidence and further resolution for the client. Immediately after a property owner suffers loss, he or she is faced with critical decisions to be made in limited time. Hurricane Adjusters has settled thousands of claims, we can foresee future issues and obstacles that will arise as the claim process evolves.

    Estimating your Damages

    A claims package is prepared involving reports, proposals, estimates, photographs, inventories and other supporting documentation that is constructed to present to the client’s insurance company.  The latest cost estimating software is used in the preparation of reports. A strategy can then be developed for presentation purposes.

    Reviewing your Policy

    Reviewing the contract of the insurance policy is critical in the early stages. A comprehensive investigation of cause and origin of a loss is performed in order to understand the variables of each specific type of loss. Together with our experts and consultants, we begin to identify, research, examine, estimate, adjust and appraise the overall value of our client’s property loss.

    Adjusting your Claim

    Communication and negotiations with our client’s insurance company is a process that evolves as the claim development is underway. Issues of policy coverage, local, state & federal laws are addressed. Mitigation and reconstruction of building systems are presented and debated with the insurance company’s adjuster.

    GET ALL YOU'RE ENTITLED TO Hurricane Adjusters handles residential, commercial and industrial claims. We can assist you with all types of property claims.

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