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    Paul Berger, Founder

    Paul has adjusted claims for numerous hurricanes including Katrina, Wilma, Francis, Ike, Sandy and Irma. Paul is licensed and trained as both an attorney and a public insurance adjuster. Combining these skills makes Paul uniquely qualified for the complexity of large losses, as he has provided both causation and valuation determinations on a wide variety of structures including hotels, office buildings, gas stations, municipal buildings, shopping centers and residential properties. Paul has helped his clients recover tens of millions of dollars in additional insurance proceeds.

    Shawn Wallach, President

    Shawn brings years of experience representing homeowners in claims against their insurance carrier. As an attorney in New York and New Jersey, Shawn witnessed first-hand the lengths insurance carriers will go to deny and underpay claims. In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Shawn represented hundreds of individuals and businesses who were underpaid for damage to their property. In one particular case, the insurance company relied upon an altered engineering report to deny payment to a homeowner. Discovering this behavior and consulting with others in the field, lead to the uncovering of a pattern of fraud in the adjustment of claims. This case and others with similar abuse led to the reopening of approximately 10,000 claims of homeowners who were underpaid by their insurance company.
    After years representing victims of Superstorm Sandy, Shawn now is working with citizens of Florida to help them recover every dollar the insurance company owes them for damage following Hurricane Irma.

    Nicole Freedlander, Senior Adjuster

    Nicole is also an attorney and public adjuster working with Floridians against insurance carriers. When insurance carriers refuse to pay, Nicole is there to fight for the policyholder against the insurance giants.
    She has dedicated her 25-year career championing the rights of her clients against the insurance industry. She has extensive experience handling residential and commercial hurricane claims and prides herself on getting additional money that her clients deserve. The key to her continued success is her focus on preparation, knowledge of insurance and claim handling follow major losses.

    Knicole Porter, Adjuster

    In the months following Hurricane Irma, Knicole was hired by insurance companies to adjust claims of their policyholders. After adjusting hundreds of claims and learning how insurance companies routinely do not pay an insured the true value of their loss, she became a Public Adjuster with Hurricane Adjusters. Knicole’s training and genuine desire to help property owners help her maximize recovery for her clients.

    Bryan Drewes, Adjuster

    For over 10 years Bryan has been working in the insurance industry, first as an agent, then as an adjuster handling claims on behalf of insurance companies and finally as a Public Adjuster, working for you. This has given him keen insight into the workings of the insurance companies, what they pay for and more importantly what they don’t (voluntarily) pay for. This training is invaluable in representing property owners who have been underpaid on their tile roof claims.

    After Hurricane Irma I didn’t think I had too much damage to my roof. But after contacting Hurricane Adjusters I found out my roof was actually damaged and and my insurance company paid for a brand new roof.

    Ruth G.
    Naples, FL

    Our Service

    The initial engagement with our client is the most important stage of the claims process. It allows us to begin to lay the foundation of trust and integrity which we believe is essential in establishing confidence and further resolution for the client. Immediately after a property owner suffers loss, he or she is faced with critical decisions to be made in limited time. Hurricane Adjusters has settled thousands of claims, we can foresee future issues and obstacles that will arise as the claim process evolves.

    Estimating your Damages

    A claims package is prepared involving reports, proposals, estimates, photographs, inventories and other supporting documentation that is constructed to present to the client’s insurance company.  The latest cost estimating software is used in the preparation of reports. A strategy can then be developed for presentation purposes.

    Reviewing your Policy

    Reviewing the contract of the insurance policy is critical in the early stages. A comprehensive investigation of cause and origin of a loss is performed in order to understand the variables of each specific type of loss. Together with our experts and consultants, we begin to identify, research, examine, estimate, adjust and appraise the overall value of our client’s property loss.

    Adjusting your Claim

    Communication and negotiations with our client’s insurance company is a process that evolves as the claim development is underway. Issues of policy coverage, local, state & federal laws are addressed. Mitigation and reconstruction of building systems are presented and debated with the insurance company’s adjuster.

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